Mahikari Exposed


in Belgium

Thanks to the translation by Fabien Cheslet, I will tell you my "story" about the Mahikari sect.

I was an active member of this sect from July 1986 to December 1995.

Like many members, I entered the sect because of medical problems. Till 1989, everything "was right", but I had not realised to what extent I was manipulated. I had, for example, stopped working in order to better follow the teachings and be more available for the organisation...

In October 1988, my husband had heart trouble and took medical advice with a cardiologist. During the medical tests, the doctor told my husband he had to go urgently to hospital to undergo more extensive tests, and probably surgery, in order to avoid an infarction.

Directly after talking with the doctor and before going to hospital, we went with our 13-year-old son to the Mahikari Center of Verviers to meet the leader and ask her advice, so that we could apply the teachings in a correct way. It was indeed of primary importance to leave everything in God's hands and accept his will!

During this interview, Miss A.K. firmly advised us against going to hospital because, she said, it was for financial reasons that physicians were doing medical tests. Moreover, my husband would be given drugs which would be seriously harmful for his health, as medicine is a synonym for poison, both for the body and mind.

So my husband, who did not want to disappoint me in the faith I had in the teachings, did not go to hospital. Yet, I would have agreed for him to go there, but I was extremely frightened by the possible spiritual consequences.

At that moment, I significantly increased my activities in the Center and months went by without mentioning the problem.

My son became a member and when he and my husband could not go to the Center, they gave Light to each other.

As far as I am concerned, I was convinced that everything was well and, as the leader had said, God was taking care of us and nothing could ever happen!

August 17 1989 was my birthday. At around 4 pm I called my husband in his office to propose to him some projects for the evening. He replied he was quite exhausted and there would be time to think of it when he came back home.

He came back with our son at around 5.45 pm. After he passed the flat door, he suddenly felt faint and dropped the flowers and his suitcase from his hands. I rushed to him and took him to the living room, on the sofa. I immediately called the Mahikari leader to ask what to do. My husband could not breathe and he was unable to tell me what he felt as he was suffocating.

During the phone call, my husband was getting increasingly ill. I hung up and it was only then that I called a doctor. During all that time, my son and a friend were giving him Light.

When the doctor came, he made me call a resuscitation ambulance and gave my husband an injection to sustain his heart and liquefy his blood. At a moment, just before the arrival of the ambulance, my husband looked at us, me and my son, and clearly said these words : "It is the end". I did not believe it, because he had not ceased receiving Light from three people in the same time. It was only a simple faint, and with a lot of love and tenderness, I shook my head and gave him a big smile.

Alas, as soon as he arrived in hospital, my husband died. Then the doctor told me that if my husband had had correct medical care in time, he would certainly be alive. At that moment and long after, I thought he was mistaken, because my leader had told me again and again that I had to thank God, because my husband, by dying in such a brutal way, had compensated for a lot of errors made in previous lives. Thanks to this fact, our family would have a lot of happiness. And I believed her!

After that, I got increasingly involved in the movement. I went to all the meetings in Belgium and Luxembourg, I took part in all seminars and lectures, and all possible ceremonies (3 per month). I did not realise I was neglecting my son who was completely left to drift. He did not believe a word of what they said. He wanted to get revenge at all costs, considering they had "assassinated" his father and that someone had to pay for it. We could not talk to one another, because I lived "in another world" called Mahikari and nothing else mattered.

Years were going by not so happily, as I suffered a lot from this situation. I began to feel guilty. I thought I was responsible for my husband's death and I had increasing doubts about the truth of the teachings.

In September 1993, unfortunately, I fell on the Center's stairs and broke my arm. Then, the leader completely rejected me. She expelled me from the group that was making flower arrangements for the altar. She put me "in quarantine", just because, in members' eyes, this fall in front of God's altar meant God was punishing me for my bad "Sonen" (innermost attitude). Moreover, I was not a good example for those going to the Center.

I felt "guilty" about something (I did not know of what) and I got out of it with a lot of difficulties, trying to stay involved the best I could. But, my heart was no longer in it. I was frightened to death, I felt guilty. Besides, I began to have a lot of doubts. My oldest son asked me not to get involved in such a way, because, anyway, I was still alone to face my numerous problems. I did not receive any comforting words from the leaders or the members of the association. Far from it, they told me I had to thank God and ask Him to send me more "purifications", as it was a sign He was taking care of me and my family!

In late 1994, I was told that I probably had bone cancer, but, refusing to undergo the tests, I was not sure of it. I could not go up the Mahikari Center stairs any more or get on my knees. When I got up in the morning, I had a lot of difficulties putting my feet on the ground. So, as I was responsible for the morning turn at the center, I was not reliable any more in my "service" from 6.30 to 7.00 am. As I could not get on my knees any more, I was unable to lead the opening prayers, or any other prayers.

Then, overnight, without any warning, I was replaced. After this, they made me feel guilty as much as they could. I can say that they dropped me down like an old rag, as we say in French.

I must also add to this account my experience in the financial field.

When I stopped working, I was highly surprised that my employer gave me a huge allowance. At that moment, they were restoring the Castle of Ansembourg in Luxembourg which was to become the Mahikari headquarters for Europe and Africa. A large scale operation!

As I could not get this amount without giving a part of it to "God" via the movement, I was advised to make an important donation for the restoring works. So I gave 150,000 Belgian francs (+/- $6,000 AUD). To balance it, I gave 75,000 francs to the Dojo of Belgium and 75,000 francs to the Center of Verviers. In all, I gave 300,000 francs (I must admit here that my husband did not completely agree, but as it was money I had earned (!) personally, he let me do it). This was in early 1989.

After the death of my husband, I made unconsidered "offerings", as I was so frightened that my husband was suffering in "the other world". The amount was sometimes, and even very often, as high as 8,000 francs a week and this, during almost one year.

In 1991, the Treasury Administration reimbursed me 338,000 francs, an amount I of course gave immediately to the association.

I only mention the most important "offerings". I cannot evaluate the amount given for courses, travels, seminars, etc. And it had to happen...

When my older son got married, I had to take a loan, because, without realising it, I had exhausted almost all my capital! I also had to stop my life insurance to recover the sum I had given. But this was not so serious, because we should not have attachment to material goods and, anyway, the cataclysms were about to come and I was going to loose everything!

After all these unhappy experiences, I could progressively leave the movement, and was able to abandon it completely in late 1995, helped by my family.

How did I get out of it? Completely destroyed. I had no more personality, I was unable to make the distinction between truth and lies, who was right or wrong. I felt guilty for everything.

I was extremely frightened, expecting the wrath of heaven to fall on my head! Each time I had a little problem, I wondered if they were not right, if Mahikari teachings were not true. I did not know exactly where I was.

Then, one of my sisters advised me to go to a psychiatrist, who found I was completely empty of all energy and needed a lot of rest. Moreover, he told me I had really been brainwashed, before being indoctrinated. Then, he did everything to give me back a kind of serenity, as well as a correct view of life. It was necessary for me to find my personality again and act according to my own will. It was no easy thing.

What helped me so much was the help Fabien and his parents gave me when they discovered the truth about Mahikari. This family had also worked a lot in the organisation but had kept its balance. I immediately trusted them, because such people could not invent things. If they left the movement, I was convinced their reasons were right.

Now, what I wish for most would be to do something for those who, like me, have suffered enormously, and for those who could be attracted by the "octopus" Mahikari really is.

Although this account is quite long, I have a lot of other things to tell, but I hope this has helped you.

Last Modified: Sept 2015