Mahikari Exposed

Experience from France

A story by a former member from the Western part of France who wishes to remain anonymous

I was "initiated" into Mahikari in March 1989.

I had just experienced a serious traffic accident and a friend of mine, who had previously helped my daughter who suffered an ear infection (I must admit it was successful) came and gave me okiyome ("True Light") at the hospital during a few days. I deducted that it was due to this if I felt better and a few weeks later, I got initiated, aiming at relieving the physical and mental evils of mankind.

It was with a real faith that I was giving Light and I experienced some miracles. At that moment, I was a businessman and I had to move to the Western part of France, a hundred kilometres away from the Dojo.

Of course, as a businessman, I was of primary importance for the credibility of the organisation, as well as for the offerings... And still driven by faith, I decided to create a new company near the Dojo. So I moved on again some kilometres near the Dojo. Now there, I was give some responsibilities, which I accepted giving thanks to God. I became increasingly active within the organisation, and of course, I got more and more solicited for making offerings (if I wanted my business to stay well...).

That's why I paid for the repairing of the fitted carpets of the Centre. I also made other regular offerings, I even offered a Louis XVI armchair to Oshienushisama when she came to France, in 1993.

Meanwhile, business was booming. The best years were '93 and '94. Then I had the idea of opening a company in Luxembourg. Of course, I had earlier sought advice from the leaders who encouraged me a lot in this way, which allowed me to create a "bridge" between Brittany and Luxembourg.

I must explain that my job was to import recent secondhand cars. I bought cars in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, and Spain to re-import them in France, where they were sold at a much lower price.

As such, I supplied almost all members of the Dojo. I had even been advised to ask a low margin to these spiritual "brothers". I even did better than that, making them benefit from the cost price. I was happy to help them by sparing them some money. As I had been advised to give help to unemployed members, my secretary was also a member. And as I had a booming business (I was in the French Top 10), I began to attract another member (X) who simply resigned from his job to "take root" in my company. He became my second in command. Once again, I was delighted. And as within the organisation we could not have material attachments, he could not have forced me to get into the company only to have minister's wages, to travel freely in luxury cars at the expenses of the company. Fancy that.

In Luxembourg, I had hired a house, as I lived there 15 days a month. When I was in Luxembourg, X deputised for me in my absence. This house, where nobody lives during the week-ends, was used, as advised by the leaders, to accommodate members who were attending ceremonies in Luxembourg. When I went to Luxembourg, I often took with me some leaders who were going to the European Headquarters, all this for free of course... to be more precise, under the guise of material offerings.

In France, I had just bought a nice estate near La B., in SCI, where X was the manager.

It was a little paradise. As I wanted to benefit from it with my family, I did not wish to commute between both countries. The director of the Dojo had a son (member of SM), who had graduated from high school, and I was advised to assume him into my company. That's what I did. As I was permanently in France, I did not need X any longer. But as he was associated in the company in Luxembourg, he proposed to go and help the son of the director. I had only phone contacts with these 2 people and they communicated financial elements (more or less real) only when they wished.

In the meantime, and in order to conform with the divine plan, I had a patent in France for a kart with an electric engine, and I had ask an engineer, also a member of Mahikari, to make a prototype.

Of course, to keep my business well, I went on making increasingly high offerings.

During spring '95, I attended the seminar about spiritual economy, in Luxembourg.

There I met the famous Y, an industrialist, who had neglected the Dojo a bit, and had come back on special request from the leaders to give me "some advice".

In fact, I learnt later that he was there because the project of the electric kart interested him very much.

At that time, I opened 2 new companies in Luxembourg, with Mahikari members as associates.

In this way, nothing bad could happen, because we were all spiritually awakened. Then, around June 1995, the first difficulties appeared. First of all in France, where the turnover had plummeted, then in Luxembourg where I learnt that the company was close to bankruptcy. Police investigations were in course.

Advised by the leaders, as I had cash flow difficulties in France, I had to send one million FF to (I thought) fill in the gap and so help both members, X and the son of the director. This latter person, who knew this would not fill the gap, simply closed doors and came back rapidly to France. I was completely taken aback and problems began to accumulate (delivering delays, impossibility to provide some orders, etc.). I told the leaders about it, who advised me to make higher offerings and thank God, as they explained me that this state of affairs resulted from mistakes I had committed in previous lives.

Far from improving, the situation got worse and in October, my French company was put into compulsory liquidation.

Moreover, as manager, I was charged and put in jail.

I was completely shattered. I, who had thought to benefit from divine grace and did not stop praying.

On the other side, I was sure of being helped in this hard experience by all my friends in the Dojo.

But, I got no news from them.

When I was released, after six months in jail, I came back to the Dojo, but I was considered as a "plague victim" and the first thing they asked me was to make an offering with gratitude. I supposed I did only a little one, with no sincerity...

During this period, my wife had left the estate and come back to the Centre of France, with my parents, who had only a small flat, with a room in the cellar. With 3 children... She also had no news from our spiritual "brothers".

That's where I went after having left everything and being discredited. Six months of jail and 3 months of a cellar!

And the others after that?

They are well, thanks!

Benefiting from my six months of jail, X had emptied all the accounts in Luxembourg (he had a proxy of course), taking several hundreds thousands of francs, that I did not know existed.

As manager of the SCI estate, X tried to sell it, to get a margin on it, but failed. It was put in liquidation and sold off. I had lost all the capital I had invested.

He then joined with Y to launch the production of the electric kart. They make several millions turnover a year.

The patent was mine, but to assert my right I had to give 100,000 FF to a specialised lawyer.

As I was ruined and unemployed, they took no risks.

Considering that sects are a good business, Y brought the rival organisation, SMBK, into France, in Brittany. He took with him some 15 members of Sukyo Mahikari, all engaged in his business. To tighten up the links between France and Japan, he even married his son to the Japanese daughter of a SMBK leader.

I have never talked about this affair, neither to the judges, nor to the attorney or the policemen. That's why I want to remain anonymous.

On the judiciary level, I have been condemned to 6 months of jail (that I have already served), but especially to settle all the debts of the company, 3 million francs.

I have never wanted to bother anybody in this case, because I am not a man who gives up the game.

I still believe in God and I am convinced that it is Him who guided me to discover the truth, but I do not believe in the so-called teachings of Mahikari any longer.

I try to forget all this story, and am trying to forgive to circumstances and people.

I have only began to make it.

In Mahikari, not everybody is nice and kind.

Last Modified: Sept 2015