Mahikari Exposed

Goseigen - a Book of Revelations

compliled by Garry Greenwood

This a series of observations of Mahikari literature, exploring the nature of a 'religion' that claims to exist for the good and welfare of mankind, yet has clear doomsday overtones. Because there is so much information this article has been compliled in mainly point form.

The English edition of Goseigen was copyrighted in 1982, to the Bishop of the North America Region of Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan (SMBK).

Goseigen, the Mahikari Bible firstly compiled by SMBK, and later printed in English, is also the same bible or book of holy revelations used by Sukyo Mahikari - the largest Mahikari faction. Goseigen (English version) is a book of 291 pages and contains 52 revelations.

All members are taught that the words contained therein are only some the words the Creator God gave directly to former Lieutenant Colonel Yoshikazu Okada, Mahikari's founder and guru, starting around 1959, when he said he was instructed by God to use the name Kotama (Ball of Light). Later Kotama was instructed to use another more holy name reflecting the progression of the divine plan - Seio - holy bird, or golden phoenix. This is the same name found inside the pendant worn by all primary Mahikari members so they can 'radiate' light.

Presented here is only a glimpse of what is written in Goseigen, which is one of many Mahikari publications. It is up to the reader to judge whether the typical passages presented here are the words of God or the words of Okada, their relevance and meanings will thereby vary accordingly. Goseigen presents itself as the words of the highest god. Okada claimed he was often woken up in the early hours of the morning by god and these 'revelations' flowed through him in the form of a type of automatic writing. Either way, they cannot be viewed other than threats against humanity, which Goseigen calls Ningen (Sub-Humans). Are we are about to be exterminated? Should these 'revelations' be viewed as just the words of Okada, then their meanings take on the urgency of threats against humanity? We need to question the motivation of Mahikari and it's perception of a god, which is apparently, about to destroy everything.

Superimposed over these revelations are the many teachings delivered monthly by the current spiritual leaders of each faction. These monthly teachings are often seen as a reflection of the unfolding of the divine plan that members are steadfastly following. Many of these teachings contain references to the ever impending and closeness to the day of prophesied in Goseigen and their other holy books. Armageddon is calculated by them to be around the turn of the new millennium, or in the case of SMBK, between August 1 and 19, 1999.

The book Goseigen is considered so holy that it is forbidden to place it on the floor, or to read it without first washing ones hands.

Some of the later quotes presented here refer to the supreme role of Okada as the Messiah sent to save humankind, whilst some even reflect a divine role of the Japanese people as God's chosen race.

In light of the known activities of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in striving to create its own Armageddon, some serious questions are now being asked: are the Mahikari cults also capable, working towards or hiding an agenda along the same lines as those followed by the Aum cult?

A study of Goseigen, and of the few quotes presented here, leaves no doubt that in order for the seed people or chosen ones (Mahikari members) to fulfil their roles in creating the new holy millennium, they must experience an Armageddon - seen as a cleansing or purification to become closer to God and permitted to serve. What will happen if their prophesied Armageddon fails to arrive?

Points of interest:

Mahikari and Aum Shinrikyo both believe in a global conspiracy by Jewish Freemasons to take control over the world. This helps justify their supremacy idealism to create their new holy civilisations, but under their control. Sukyo Mahikari even published 10 pages abridged from the notorious Protocols of Zion, embodied in their Advanced Member's Textbook, under the name of another author to hide its origins. Members are led to believe these words are some how divinely inspired. One such paragraph reads: "We have an awesome plan, which will terrify the bravest hero: it is the subway. Before long the capital of every country in the world will have a subway, and we will be able to destroy all the government institutions and the important papers of these governments at the same time." This is the last paragraph of Protocol number 9. Hitler also used the Protocols to justify why he should purify the earth of what he considered to be undesirables.

Both cults appear to share the same high level Japanese LDP political patrons - one being neo-nationalist Shintaro Ishihara, who appears in Sukyo Mahikari propaganda as Okada's friend, and has been publicly named by other Japanese politicians as being the Aum's sponsor. Sponsorship by influential people in Japan is a cultural requirement.

Aum's sheep grazing ranch in Western Australia, Banjawarn, was obtained through the efforts of Japanese-born Australian citizen Yasuko Shimada, who established Mahikari in Australia in the 1970s and was still allegedly a member up to 1990-91. It is now suspected that the Aum cult was involved in the detonation of a nuclear type device upon this ranch in May of 1993. Okada's revelations about "balls of light" and that the Earth must be burnt away with the Ball of Fire, now take on a new and more urgent meaning.

Each passage presented here is accompanied by the date they were claimed to be revealed to Okada, and their page number as printed in the SMBK 1982 first English edition, the same edition distributed throughout Sukyo Mahikari.

Goseigen calls itself the "Book of Warning to the World" (pg 4). Okada advises that Goseigen should not be opened to the public thoughtlessly (pg 4).

Presented here is only a sample of passages that reflect such warnings.

    2.   ...the crisis of perishing, ending and collapse of civilisation is imminent. P 4, Preface.

    4.  The time of Heaven has come. Rise. Thy name shall be Kotama (ball of light). Exercise the Art of Purification. The world shall enter severe times. P 13 revealed Feb 27, 1959.

    6.   If they become the ones to make light of god's words, then I shall so change this world that they will receive the warning phenomena. They will be made to go through compensation. P30-31 revealed May 15, 1959.

    8.  Men shall receive the Baptism of Fire and serious compensation phenomena. The admonition of the Final Judgement and the Baptism of Fire taught by Moses, John and Jesus was the prediction I had them make for this Time of Heaven. P 48 revealed May 30, 1959.

    10.  Men have offended god. Thou shall let those who have been offending him reforms their souls starting from the ones who understand...It is much better than being thrown into the Fire of Gehenna. (Ancient Hebrew word for Hell) P49, revealed May 30, 1959.

    12.  An interesting but horrible world shall come. This is the true meaning of the return to the world of righteous way which was predicted by Gautama (Buddha). P51-52 revealed May 30, 1959.

    14.  The very time is approaching when I cannot but carry out the great Misogi-Harahi (cleansing) of this earth. They will end up being blown away. P 62 revealed August 15, 1959.

    16.  What can no longer be of use and what is worn out even after being washed should be thrown away and incinerated. P 63 revealed August 15, 1959.

    18.  Although the end of the world is approaching, those who are serving with sincerity shall be forgiven. P 80 revealed May 10, 1960.

    20.  It is natural for you to think that there is no advancement without education. However it is extremely difficult to go beyond the limits of human wisdom if you try to advance only with education. Far from it, in reality, it ends as a dream. By then I will also execute the drastic catastrophe of the heaven and earth. P 95-95 revealed August 10, 1960.

    22.   It is because god needs to maintain heaven and earth, so that he cannot help but carry out the intense cleansing of impure and contaminated mankind. It may become inevitable for god to put an end to the great mass of shabby and rotten mankind.... For this reason, as a transitory necessary step to cause a great change for the true civilisation, chaos will appear in the world through which all will be drastically changed from how they have been until today. This is the End of the World. P 138-139 revealed August 20, 1961.

    24.  This great turnabout after the interval of some hundreds of millions of years is going to be carried out by god. The time, which will come before humans find any countermeasure, is called the End of the World. P 140 revealed August 20, 1961.

    26.  At the same time, 'the End of the World' has a significance of the dawn of the civilisation which is under the control of the god of truth. It will be established by the chosen people who appear after the period of time of nurturing seed people. P 141, revealed, August 20 1961.

    28.  The fire of Gehenna in the spiritual world is going to blaze more intensely to finally blow off the lid of the burning inferno. P 142 revealed August 20, 1961.

    30.  Thus religious belief was originally allowed as a convenient method before the coming of the true belief in god based upon tuning in with god. Since it has been misled in an unexpected direction, I have sent ones with the role to destroy it. If men do not realise, I cannot but promote the preparation for the 'Fire of Gehenna' on earth. P 144 revealed August 20, 1961.

    32.   Otherwise, I will have to change the surface of the Earth into 'the Fiery Ocean of Gehenna.' The preparation is now being made. P 148 revealed August 20, 1961.

    34.  The Fire of Gehenna in the spiritual world is going to blaze up with increasing intensity so that the lid of the earth and also that of hell will be blown up together. There are many contaminated souls swarming who will be falling into its wide open mouth. P153 revealed August 20, 1961.

    36.  I shall tell you the truth since this world is approaching in all aspects, 'the day of deadlock and annihilation of the materialistically oriented pseudo-civilisation.'...Before you can find gods secret of the universe, I shall carry out the intensive spiritual cleansing of the spirit and soul of gods children. Otherwise I cannot use you as seed people for the next world. P 157 revealed August 5, 1962.

    38.   For this purpose, I must vigorously intensify the spiritual essence of Fire, both in the world of divine spirits and the physical world. At the same time, the contaminated ball of Earth must be burnt away with the Ball of Fire in order for God to descend from Heaven...Thou shall make men ready for this arrangement. P 159 revealed August 5, 1962.

    40.  God will surely manifest the phenomena of judgement clearly upon them at an unexpected moment and carry out the Art of beating them to a pulp. P161 revealed August 5, 1962.

    42.  The time of heaven is extremely near when I must change the surface of the earth into the sea of fire and sea of mud again. P173 revealed January 15, 1963.

    44.   Therefore due to my intensifying the Divine Light, the compensation phenomena will become more serious and widespread.... Consequently in the human world chaotic and aberrant phenomena will ceaselessly increase...I cannot but exert the great compensation phenomena to the masses on this planet. P188 revealed August 15, 1963.

    46.  I have taught about the coming of god's judgement - the end of the world, the Descension of Miroku, and the Appearance of Messiah...I shall have thee take the role of blowing the trumpet.....Although Ningen (Humanity i.e. Sub Humans) eagerly seek peace and coexistence and dislike the atomic bomb, the production of fire balls in this world cannot be stopped unless Ningen begin to have an attitude of offering apology for their negative karma. P 188-189 revealed August 15, 1963.

    48.  God will make man produce the fireballs and bullets, and fires will break out in many places...Since the Fire, the Sun, the Positive will appear in the spiritual world, the evil souls, who dislike darkness will gradually increase the anguished resistance. Consequently, phenomena of trouble and chaos will occur one after another on earth. How dangerous....they are just like radish to be grated. P 190 revealed August 15, 1963.

    50.  The world shall become uncontrollable. Wait and see. This world will enter the age of great shaking. In the worst case, the time of great eruption may came earlier than may not like it; however in cannot be helped. P 199-200 revealed October 30, 1963.

    52.  If the place kept secret of which I informed, shakes, thou shall realise that the year to start the great purification by Fire, and the great shake of the earth is near. The three-step preparation has been completed. P202 revealed November 27, 1963.

    54.  The plan is evolving so rapidly that the first stage of the Day of ----- (date withheld) is about to start.... My predictions revealed to thee up to now have been manifesting in this world. P 204 revealed December 1, 1963.

    56.  If they lose the core of SU (god), they shall only become like children of boneless jellyfish. They shall be melted by gods fire and disappear. P210 revealed December 5, 1963.

    58.  Hereafter, the sign of the great shaking of the earth shall be displayed in three steps. The manifestation of the sign shall become much clearer from 1964. Thou shall let the people be prepared. Is there anything which has not come true regarding the matters I allowed thee to speak concerning the chaos of the world? P 216 revealed December 11, 1963.

    60.  It is a matter of great significance that the fire of the Olympiad is coming back to the East from the Pyramid, the divine temple, which came from the god of Spirit-Origin Land (Japan). Thou shall realise that this is the sign to start collecting gods of Spirit who are the divided fire of Amaterasuhi-Hikari-Motsu-Kuni, to the Land of the Origin of Spirit, the land of the Origin of Five Races (Japan). The age of true Olympics shall come. The chaotic phenomena of this world and the purification of all souls on the earth shall be intensified further. This further intensification will force all men to start tuning in with god. If they do not they cannot avoid being put to an end. The age is approaching when the Messiah will be descending upon the earth. Various phenomena shall intensify in its violence. Thou shall decipher through minute signs. P 224 revealed May 25, 1964.

    62.  How are you going to cope with the situation that the age of the explosion of fire balls and uncontrollable chaos is approaching.....(Okada's note: Due to this revelation Okada made extremely intense efforts and continued on a long journey and finally discovered the shrine, which has been since ancient times, worshipping the god of Fireball in the land of Sun, the Mountain of Fire, Kyushu District. P 237-8 revealed February 15, 1965.

    64.  Then, Ningen (Sub Humans) as well as religion, will not only become unnecessary on the Earth, but also cause foul disaster to god. Therefore, I must throw them into the foul fire of Gehenna. P252 revealed March 10, 1965.

    66.  Judging from the present condition, the number of those who will be incapable of overcoming the peak of the grave cleansing phenomena which mankind were supposed to overcome altogether - and those, who will be thrown into the valley of hell or burnt in Fire, will increase tremendously. P 264 revealed October 12, 1965.

    68.  The fruit of god which is born right in the middle, shall grow complete, pulsate, and descend upon the earth, and gods of Yotoya and millions of souls of holy saints shall also descend (resurrect). Then, the great divine art of the turnabout of the human world at once shall be carried out by them and you seed people. I shall show signs more vigorously which will indicate that it is not long before such a moment comes. P 268 revealed December 10, 1965.

    70.  If god gives a brief order to the Gods of Four Pillars, a sudden change of climate, arson by a fire dragon, fire of unknown origin, death of multitudes in fire, serious disorder of machines, and disaster can all be arranged like, as you say, 'a piece of cake' for the purpose of the serious cleansing. They are the signs of mankind who is on a Boeing jet which has crashed into Mont Blanc (pronounced Mon-bu-ran meaning: to be burned up and completely blown away) P 274, revealed February 5 1966.

    72.  The ultimate result will be the destruction of the earth. All must end up in destruction and separation. Therefore god's kingdom has been symbolised by KAGOME. P 280 revealed October 11, 1966. (Kagome is Sukyo Mahikari's name for the Star of David - one of their major symbols)
(Note: Compare Protocol 23, last paragraph of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:
'Then will it be possible for us to say to the peoples of the world: Give thanks to god and bow the knee before him who bears on his front the seal of the predestination of man, to which god himself has led his Star that none other but Him might free us from all the before mentioned forces of evil'.)
      The following 'revelations' reflect Kotama Okada's claim as the new Messiah (a divine role) as ordered by god, also some revelations urging the peoples of the land of Sun - the Japanese, to rise up and fulfil their holy roles as the seed people. The word 'thou' and 'thee' is god referring to Okada.
    2.  Because, in the revelations, god's arrangement of his divine plan covering hundreds of millions of years, which had never been revealed to any holiness or saints in the history of mankind, was explained much more clearly than was revealed in the past two to three thousand years. That is the mission of 'the first messiah' who is to let mankind make the turn towards the righteous spiritual path. I have received His permission to publish them as a book, hoping it will become a source of nourishment for the souls of the five races. It has been the secret of the divine arrangement since the most ancient time, which even Moses, Gautama Buddha and Jesus were not permitted to reveal to the public even though they had knowledge of it. The esoteric principle of the divine world which has been revealed for the first time in the history of mankind through this book of the holy word, Goseigen, which consists of only a small portion of the whole revelation.

      These are Okada's words written, October 10, 1969, in the preface to Goseigen.

    4.  The spirit of truth has entered thee. Thou shall speak what, thou heareth. The time of heaven has come. Rise. Thy name shall be Kotama. Exercise the art of purification. The world shall enter severe times. P 13 revealed February 27, 1959.

    6.  In preparation for this moment, I let Gautama predict, 'the man who preaches the true spiritual path will appear from among laymen 3,000 years after my death.' I also let Jesus speak, 'when He, the spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth.... I shall now use thee. P 27 revealed May 5, 1959.

      (Note: It has been established that Okada was a minister of another Japanese sect for many years, where he obtained many of the teachings he called his own, so could hardly be called a layman.)

    8.  Needless to say, you should not fail to respect the Herald of god, your Master. Although he is a human, he is at the same time the master of divine heralds. P69 revealed March 5, 1960.

    10.  There is distortion in all Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity. Thou shall correct them to the best of thy ability. P 73 revealed March 5, 1960.

    12.  As for those who do not understand whether thou are just a man or a living god, leave them be perplexed...being the one who was sent from god. P 84 revealed August 10, 1960.

    14.  I am the true self trained one, who has mastered various matters by repeatedly going back and forth between the spiritual, the astral and the material and human worlds. I am truly a divine magician. P 129 revealed May 15, 1961.

    16.  The time of the true chosen people of god has come. Since thou are the true herald of god and Buddha, thou shall no longer allow the waste of life and the waste of mankind. P 151 revealed August 20, 1961.

    18.  The reason why I have hidden thee for twenty years and let thee go through various sufferings, is in order for Me to make preparation to make thee take today's role. It was due to god's great mercy.... make much of the divine mission of the first messiah and wholeheartedly dedicate thyself to it. P 161-2 revealed August 5, 1962.

    20.  Flare up, the people of the land Ohokunitama (Japan/god's land). Flare up ahead of the world, the new True people. P 193, revealed October 30,1963.

    22.  Since the time I brought Moses, Gautama, Jesus and others back to the fourth dimensional spiritual world, up to now many of those who have been called 'one overshadowed by god' have been merely possessed by a minor dragon god, a mountain wizard, or mostly by an aged fox or raccoon. Most fortunetellers are like that. Almost all of them are charlatans and cannot teach the true arrangement of god. A complete contrast, which you can see at this time, is that god is commencing a divine task after some hundreds of millions of years, and now is the start of the first 5,000 years of its process. Thus, thy words truly become the holy words for this reason. Since thou have a close relationship with god, god has made thee appear by terminating the state of thy being hidden. Thou shall convey what thou hear and speak and carry out obediently as thou are taught. Therefore, those who do not follow and keep my word straightforwardly will pitifully make their own compensation more serious. God is going to gradually let men see the proof of the salvation through thee, which is completely different from the salvation up to now. P195-6-7 revealed November 12, 1963.

    24.  The souls that truly reform themselves can be blessed with the permission to flare up in the next world, because you are the people of the land of Okokunitama (Japan/gods' land). The existence of the peoples of the land of spirit's origin (Japan) in the present age shall become significant through it. P 200 revealed November 12, 1963.

    26.  God will use thee as a channel to let human souls open up in the sunlight-the positiveness-renew themselves, have the mind of the righteous way and remold themselves into seed people for the next civilisation. This is also one of the reasons that I command thee to reveal the teachings as the holy words. Therefore, I will manifest the sign of discernment with increasing strictness between those who show the two different attitudes towards the Holy words (Goseigen) and what I make thee reveal: namely those who will try to criticise and those who possess true sincerity and the sense of true service. In the end, criticism will turn out to be evil; and some, who find fault, will end up in receiving judgement. Make them be cautious. P212-3 revealed December 5, 1963.

    28.  Originally, the spiritual world of the land of spirit's origin (Japan) is the original land, the land of the original spiritual essence - where various gods were given life and the spiritual form was created. Therefore, in order to establish the heavenly civilisation and peace for the world, the spiritual world of the land of sunrise (Japan) must be changed into the land and people, which are spiritually pure, peaceful and free of chaos. Ponder! The land of sunrise is the land of spirits origin and the land of spiritual flame. The most holy place of earth has been contaminated and it is about to influence the most holy place of heaven. Therefore the great cleansing must be carried out. P 236-7 revealed February 15, 1965.

    30.  I sent Moses, Gautama, Jesus and others to the land of Yomotsu (Europe). P 252 revealed March 10, 1965.

    32.  Therefore I made Gautama predict and propagate the end of Hodoke (the material first) world and the appearance of the righteous path and the dissension of Miroku (the messiah). I made Jesus teach the coming of the age of Messiah's appearance through the age of judgement and let him also speak, 'the time of heaven is at hand'. P 262-263 revealed October 12, 1965.

    34.  Your master is not your master just for you. He is now the master of the eternal life of all mankind as the true god's deputy for this world, for I have had him complete five years of spiritual training of Bodhisattva. Consequently, he has become the master who is one not only for you but, He is the soul that I shall make the master for all mankind; and whom I shall use for the holy work of establishing god's kingdom. I have at last made him the master of guidance and master of salvation for the time of arrangement for miroku or messiah, to descend upon the earth and for the next world of the true civilisation to be established. What the master speaks shall be the fruit, and it is not the words from the master any longer. It has to be so since I must make mankind survive the peak of the cataclysmic calamities. Therefore, he is also the master of guidance for the glory of mankind. Try to perceive what your master is thinking and try to achieve what your master wishes to achieve. Your master is the one to take the role of the holy saint, and he is the true angel of light. When your master and you become united in one body, I shall allow this world to advance into the age which will be the transitional juncture towards the time of oneness of god and man. P 269-70-71 revealed December 8, 1965.

    36.  Secondly, as I have said, god created the races of five different colours. They are yellow, red, white, blue and black. There are two kinds in the yellow race - that is Obito and Kibito - the so-to-speak head family and branch family. (Note: Obito refers to the Japanese race and Kibito refers to the Chinese race, which implies the Japanese are the headrace and all other races are below them). The land called Hinomoto (Japan), in, which thou are living, is the land of spirit's origin. It is the original place where god created spiritual forms and spiritual images. He placed Obito (the king race) here and dispatched and spread all five races throughout the world as branch races (note: inferior races). It is the peerless (Fuji) place in which god placed the ones with the role to unite, called Sumera, as His deputies to govern this world. However, it is now gravely important for Yamato Bito (Japanese people) to become awakened to their spiritual origin as Hito (gods children-true humans) born in the land of origin of the spiritual forms of the five races. It is a matter of importance for all Yamato Bito to fulfil their spiritual mission for all five races and the next pure civilisation. P 275 revealed February 5, 1966.

    38.  The god of messiah and the god Miroku descend upon the earth, and this world will return to the divine era. It is the time of serious phenomena. P 278 revealed October 11, 1966.

    40.   At last, the arrival of the heavenly god and the age of the holy place of heavenly flame (Japan) and the time of the appearance of the centre of KAGOME, (The Star of David) that is Chon (god) is upon us. It is a matter of grave importance. The appearance of the master god (god of Japan), who is praised as the sun of god of god's kingdom has been described as ASA (heavenly masters appearance). P 280 revealed October 11, 1966.

      (Note: Again please compare Protocol 23 of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion last paragraph. 'Give thanks to god and bow the knee before him who bears on his front the seal of the predestination of man, to which god himself has led his STAR that none others but him might free us from all the before mentioned forces of evil')

    42.  Only one Fuji exists in the world, and it is the navel of the spiritual world of the entire world. It is ... (Star of David). This is also what I made Moses use as his crest. P 291 revealed January 25, 1967.

(Note: Again refer to Protocol 23, last paragraph, of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.)

As stated earlier the above is just a small glimpse of the teachings of Mahikari. More Mahikari publications will be summarised as time permits. The motivation? - to use Mahikari's own words:   A warning to the world!

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