Mahikari Exposed

Regaining Personal Power
by Healing Yourself

My name is Loyda Andaluz. I became a member of Sukyo Mahikari in March 1984 and for 13 years held a position as translator. I translated over 25 primary seminars and two secondary seminars, along with literally hundreds of other events such as monthly ceremonies, special ceremonies, ancestors ceremonies and private interviews. I also participated in the Mahikari Youth Corps and was chosen as a group leader for the Hispanic Group. I took the second level seminar in 1984. I stopped participating in Sukyo Mahikari in December 1997. Presently, I am happily fulfilling my self-healing mission.

Healing - The Path To Encountering Your Real Self

Healing - Yes, there is such a word, even though in Mahikari they downplay it, deny it, and make fun of it, in order to manipulate the member's belief system and consequently to halt their personal growth. The Mahikari energy does not bring complete healing, although it might relieve certain symptoms temporarily. In some cases, it might aggravate the symptoms at the physical level. But does Mahikari care about your emotional, psychological, and spiritual symptoms? The answer is:

Mahikari is heavily influenced psychologically by the Japanese culture and society, which tends to overlook individual personal advancement. Mahikari has created such absurd ideas about healing that most members do not know about the healing revolution that is taking place in the 1990s, leading us to the 21st century.

People are being healed emotionally through countless methods by the thousands, leading to more fulfilling lives every day. However Mahikari members are being told that all their problems are due to spiritual disturbance, negative karma, lack of good sonen (spiritual attitude), lack of efforts, and lack of divine service, without acknowledging the personal world of each individual member. One of the requirements for healing to take place is to remain in the present, by not obsessing about the past or the future, something which Mahikari totally negates by constantly reminding members of their karma (past) or the upcoming Baptism of Fire (future). This dilemma creates a stressful body/mind environment in which healing cannot manifest itself in the present.

The Monster in Mahikari

It is very sad to see Mahikari members who are in dire need of psychiatric and psychological care being told that by raising their hand or changing their sonen (attitude) they will solve their personal problems. Throughout my years in Mahikari this problem was rampant; many times Mahikari ministers needed much psychological assistance themselves. When members go off the rails (psychosis) the ministers really don't know how to deal with it.

This negation of the personal world of each member is like a slap in the face, to their very soul. The matter of healing the soul is extremely personal and individual, and no method which originates from an outside source (especially impersonal energy) can heal what lies deep in the heart of each human being. This is the reason why there is such a diversity of methods popping up in the past 40 years. (See A Dictionary of Alternative Healing Methods.

Modern Man as Monster

This picture depicts the way Okada saw everyone, as spiritual monsters! He argued that Mahikari was the only hope of changing this monster. However, as many former members have stated, most of the present members continue to have the same nagging psychological and physical problems that they had when they joined Mahikari. In other words, healing is not taking place.

The picture depicts your true nature as a being made in the image of God.

There are those of us who have been blessed with complete and permanent healing from the hand of God and his angels. Mahikari believes that these entities can only assist high level souls, but this is just another way of putting members down. Maybe Mahikari is creating this monster in members, by reinventing the concept of healing and therefore denying members the right for true and complete healing. Maybe Mahikari is creating the problem called spirit disturbance and then claiming that only they have the way to solve it. Creating the addiction and then providing the fix with an energy which ultimately becomes an addiction itself!

Love and Self-Love in Mahikari

Even though Mahikari, in its first seminar, teaches that there are two types of love, self-love and altruistic love, there is an obvious emphasis on altruistic love. I believe that when an organization emphasizes altruistic love and does not give self-love its place in spiritual development, it will eventually destroy itself and it will disappear over a period of time.

The Bible states that human beings were created in God's image; Hinduism talks about the chakra system and the Taoists about the meridians. These ancient teachings are implying that since God is Light (at least this is the most generalized image that we human beings can understand as the nature of God) we are also made out of Light/Energy.

Please understand that I am not referring to Mahikari energy here.
In other words, we are made out of 'God stuff', so therefore we have to honor ourselves as God's image, but in order to understand this, we have to heal. Heal the emotions, thoughts, misconceptions, etc. In other words, when we heal, we end up loving ourselves and the world, because there is less negativity being issued from our energy systems to our brethren. (Randolph Price books)

Unfortunately, Mahikari deliberately downgrades self-love and self-healing through their statements and actions. This creates an environment of self-hate and self-ignorance among members about their own emotional and spiritual state and an environment of competition, a dangerous and anti-spiritual atmosphere.

Even saints and ascended masters who have helped thousands of people in their lifetime, with a greater amount of spiritual momentum than the Leaders of Mahikari (called Oshienushisama and Sukuinushima), took time out.

The saints occasionally stopped their miracle work in order to take a good look at themselves. Christ and Moses went to the desert for forty days in order to make great decisions and ultimately connect with God. They became godly beings. We as human beings should also quarantine ourselves to reflect on who/how we are and find effective and practical means to heal our consciousness.

Mahikari's neglect of self-love is absolutely one of the reasons for members' constant "spiritual disturbance". Mahikari focus on loving others, or altruistic love, stresses out the members and makes them feel all kinds of guilt, due to the fact that self-love is not understood within themselves.

Human beings need to know who they are in order to find the source of love inside themselves, which is very effectively seen when someone raises their kundalini in a safe and nurturing environment.

It can be done, even though Mahikari teaches against it.
If individuals are not given truthful information about who they are and the reason for being, spiritual organizations like Mahikari who don't give the information will eventually disappear. This is why the basic teachings of Hinduism, Taoism, and Shintoism (the oldest world religions) have endured for millennia and continue to thrive in the 21st Century.

Mahikari's only focus and concern is how much "Divine Service" you can give, forgetting about the universal teaching of healing and loving yourself in order to heal the world. By taking this position Mahikari is going against recognizing the pains of the heart and our psyche. There is so much trauma contained in human beings without our conscious knowledge, many people live their lives without ever recognizing their own emotions. Mahikari's main weapon for disempowering members is making their so called "Divine Plan" more important than an individuals situation. Please remember that God's Divine Plan is made up of each individual's own Divine Plan. Knowing, even at an intuitive level, your own mission, fulfils God's Divine Plan.

" One does not become conscious [healed] by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." -Carl G. Jung

The darkness that Jung is referring to is not attaching spirits, but an individual's lower self or instinctual self. Mahikari does not want to talk about this darkness because they know that by making this darkness conscious, a person can empower themselves and recognize Mahikari's agenda, which has nothing to do with an individual's personal growth. One of reasons why individuals make decisions to become part of a disempowering relationship, is because they want other people to make decisions for them. Or they want to continue having a parent/child relationship with something or someone, and Mahikari fits that role perfectly, due to its authoritative approach. In other words, ultimately it is our own responsibility to be the Master of our own decisions and our own life, regardless of the type of relationship we wish to maintain with an organization and/or individual.

Following is an excerpt from Healing Yourself : A step-by-step Program for Better Health through Imagery by Martin L. Rossman, M.D.

"...healing is a natural property of life. Healing happens because our integrity, at every level from the cellular to the psychological, is constantly challenged by life's changes, and we, like all living organisms, need to maintain a steady state in order to thrive. Without innate abilities to restore, replenish, and repair, life could not go on. In many ways, life itself is a continual process of healing, of moving toward balance and wholeness in the midst of change."

From The Anatomy of a Spirit - The seven stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

"Experiences that carry emotional energy in our energy systems include: past and present relationships, both personal and professional; profound or traumatic experiences and memories; and belief patterns and attitudes, including all spiritual and superstitious beliefs. The emotions from these experiences become encoded in our biological systems and contribute to the formation of our cell tissue, which then generates a quality of energy that reflects those emotions. These energy impressions form an energy language, which carries literal and symbolic information..."

The world-renowned classic Your Inner Child of the Past by W. Hugh Missildine,M.D., shows how to solve adult problems by understanding your inner child.

"Somewhere, sometime, you were a child. This is one of the great obvious, seemingly meaningless and forgotten common denominators of adult life. Yet the fact that you were once a child has an important bearing on your life today. In trying to be adults we mistakenly try to ignore our lives as children, discount our childhood and omit it in our considerations of ourselves and others. This is the basic cause of much adult distress and unhappiness. It is a way of mistreating ourselves."

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