Mahikari Exposed

Mahikari - an Insight

A Short Study of (Sukyo) Mahikari Culture
by Steve & Yumi Allerton - 1997

Steve was a Mahikari member for 14 years and Yumi for 22 years, ranging from 1974 to 1996. They both formally left Mahikari at the end of 1996. Following is an overview of what they learnt during the time spent within the sect. More importantly what they have learnt after they left the sect and started serious research into why they stayed in it for so long.

ORIGINS: Research so far has uncovered this Mahikari family tree.

1) Yoshikazu Okada also used the aliases Ryodo, Kotama, Seigyoku and Seio.
2) Kouko(Sachiko) Inoue was 'adopted' as an adult by Okada, changed her name to Okada and adopted the aliases, Keiju, Keishu and Seishu. She split off from Okada's sect and started her own sect Sukyo Mahikari in 1978. She is called Ms. Okada in this document

OKADA THE MESSIAH - NOT JESUS: Mahikari is claiming to be not a sect or religion but a SUPRA RELIGION; the resurrection of the original religion from which all others have sprung. Yoshikazu Okada (1901-1974), the founder of the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan sect (SMBK), says in his teachings: Religions up to this time are generated from false history and are mostly based on lies. The Supreme God has given him the role to correct the deceptions and return mankind back to the origin of everything - Japan.

There is no doubt that Okada saw himself as the returned Messiah found in Christian doctrine also generated an urgency for his followers to prepare for the coming convulsions of nature leading to the destruction of the known world at the end of this millennium. He claimed that only spiritually purified followers would survive. He maintained that all religions were inferior to his Mahikari because he was the one in direct contact with God, who gave him revelations and told him that Mahikari was God's only true religion.

The seduction of people to join comes in the form of 'the light of God ' which is radiated from the hands to purify the spirit, mind and body. The only way a person can use this 'light/energy ' is to become a Mahikari member, be devoted to the current spiritual leader and remain spiritually connected by paying a monthly membership fee. If a person becomes 'awakened ' and donates more money using any of the other types of donations then they can become truly blessed and a model Mahikari member.

LEVELS OF INVOLVEMENT: There are different levels of involvement that can be experienced in Mahikari: On the superficial level ordinary people do a three day comprehensive training (kenshu) which they pay for and are given / 'permitted ' to receive a 'divine ' pendant called omitama. When they wear this pendant which has been (as they are taught) connected to God by the present spiritual leader of Sukyo Mahikari, Ms. Okada. The light/energy flows through her body to the world. If anything should happen to her, then the conduit for God's true light would disappear and the world would be deprived of salvation. The spiritual connection to God's power for all her followers would also cease. To a Mahikari member this is too horrible to contemplate. That is why those who chose to remain after the first training programme wrap their whole lives around the sect. The most vulnerable, the youth, are drilled to lay down their lives to protect her if called upon.

Mahikari members are forbidden to see the contents of omitama/pendant. They are warned, to do so will destroy the connection to god - cut them off from divine power. Some former members have opened their pendants and found the Japanese characters on the paper inside are the name of Yoshikazu Okada's last alias, Seio or Sei- without the 'o', as opposed to what members have been told by sect leaders for many years that there is only a 'chon ' (a colon-like mark) a symbol of the supreme God.

Members are taught that the pendant is more precious than life. To deliberately open it, drop it, wet it, or allow it to touch bedding or have it x-rayed will sever the spiritual cord to God; evil spirits will flood in and bring misfortune to them or their family. Also the pendant has the potential to be sacrificed to save the life of the wearer in some circumstances; so to maintain the spiritual link can be a life and death situation. If a member becomes 'elevated ' enough to have a Mahikari shrine called 'Goshintai ' in their own home, the rules become more extreme. If anyone were to climb on the roof or go above the shrine the person could die. Rather heady stuff! By transgressing the above rules the sect member blows the chance of salvation. The fear for one's life or family by unseen, unknown evil powers is a very effective disciplinary measure. The wrath of God is the ultimate form of mind control.

WHAT IS 'LIGHT OF GOD ': What the light/energy is no one really knows, but Winston Davis analyzed it well in his book Dojo - Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan. He suggested that it's a type of witchcraft/magic, where people are conditioned to respond to the stimulation of a paradigm engineered and maintained by the sect. What keeps people interested for so long ? Putting subliminal fear aside, perhaps it's because they become encouraged by the 'results ' of giving and receiving the light. Anything good or bad is seen as a gift of the light. It's a win-win situation for the sect, if a person 'feels better' then the light is working, if they 'feel bad' then the light is melting toxins and as the toxins travel through the system to be discharged can make a person feel sick. But this is good, if toxins are not melted by the light, they solidify into lumps and could eventually kill. If they feel nothing, then it just takes time ( step by step). Most members only operate on this level as their main involvement and will interpret any unexplained phenomenon as a miracle of the 'light'. Particularly if a disease like cancer goes into remission.

** The progress to higher levels becomes more intense for those who seek deeper involvement and are 'approved' by the top leaders. Introducing new members, offering increased money donations and doing 'divine service' are mandatory for the member to receive favorable decisions.

MEMBERSHIP WORLDWIDE: Over the last 30 years membership has grown between all the Mahikari sects to an estimated 150,000 - 350,000 (2007) followers and the tax free money harvested from donations flowing back to Japan, including the basic donations and the extensive real estate holdings around the world is well in the hundreds of millions of dollars. People who question the efficiency of this money making machine are condemned by Mahikari as being under the influence of evil spirits. Okada warned his followers to be careful of such 'spiritually disturbed' people during the first three day training programme and the warning is continually reinforced throughout their involvement in the sect

DONATIONS: Continuing to deepen their commitment, members donate money (in cash only) regularly in a range of categories. One donation can be given if they are having a hard time; to apologise to God for having so many sins and impurities; usually the bigger the problem the bigger the donation. A donation can also be given if something goes right for the person. This time it becomes a donation to show gratitude for protection. Members are taught that all money belongs to God anyway, so when a member makes donations they are in fact returning money to God. It is best to use brand new notes or use a hot iron to remove the wrinkles as a mark of respect when giving a donation to God.

Once again, Mahikari is in a win-win situation. If a person feels bad they donate money to apologise for their sins and impurities, if they feel good donate in gratitude for God's protection. Okada's teaching cleverly encourages members to give up personal attachments to money and material thinking and to cycle the cash to Mahikari in about ten different donation categories.

For Sukyo Mahikari alone the estimated return flowing back to Japan, is between 300 to 700 million dollars (AUD) per annum. But no one will ever know the exact figures, as money in cash is encouraged; layered corporate structures and secrecy make it difficult to trace the money trails. Once money is donated to Mahikari then it is no longer the members business what happens to it.

MAHIKARI MEMBERS - THE TRUE JEWS: According to official Mahikari documents, members are the true Levites. Okada taught that the Jews lost favour with God when they let King Solomon's temple be destroyed and as a result have suffered for it throughout history. Rather than destroy the Jews completely, God spared one group called the Levites. Okada claimed they were the Japanese tribe. He taught that the Levites were the custodians of the Jewish holy objects and the tribe most favoured by God. Mahikari members are now the reincarnated souls of these Levites because they take care of holy objects and are the chosen people of God in this present age.

Sukyo Mahikari built a large shrine, called Suza, The Main World Shrine For Creator God completed in 1984, on an area of land 20,000 sq.mtrs at the cost of 45 billion yen - aprox 500 million dollars (Au). They claim it is the new Solomon's temple and mankind's last chance to remain in divine favour. It is also called the Noah's Ark for the coming 21st century. Suza can seat about 10,000 people at a time. If this new age Solomon's temple is ever threatened in any way or the members neglect to worship and maintain it, then the entire world will be destroyed by God - similar to the destruction of the Jewish people throughout history. This is a solemn responsibility given to the 'true Levites' ( Sukyo Mahikari members) to stop the world from being destroyed by giving 'light', donating lots of money and keeping faithful to his teachings. An ironic fact is SMBK, the original Mahikari sect has also built a larger shrine called Su-Za on an area of 2,000,000 sq.mtrs. Which one is the exclusive new age Solomon's Temple? Both are based on Okada's teaching.

JEHOVAH AND ALLAH ARE JAPANESE: Yoshikazu Okada also taught that the Jewish/Christian God Jehovah was in fact a Japanese God called Kuniyorozu Tsukurinushisama and when he destroyed Solomon's temple, the manna urn, a gold cup inscribed with the Hebrew words I AM THAT I AM from the Ark of the Covenant, was returned to Japan and is now enshrined at Ise Shrine. Only the Emperor of Japan is permitted to see it. If anyone else was to see it they will be killed! The precedence has been set.

"Sooner or later, the time will come when all the people of the world, starting with the Pope, will have to visit Ise Shrine and worship there. Otherwise the time will come when horrible judgments will be given by God". So the God of Israel and Christendom is enshrined in Japan, believers must make pilgrimage to Japan the "land of Mecca". Okada also claimed another Japanese deity called Aramitama, which Mohammed called Allah!, originated in Japan and is now enshrined at Ise. It seems Islam has its roots in Japan as well, a fact well known to Mohammed, according to Okada.

ISRAEL SUBSERVIENT TO JAPAN: According to Okada, Moses went to Japan when he disappeared from Mt Sinai, was trained by Shinto priests, given twenty of the thirty six Commandments and the Star of David to take back to Israel. He describes ten of the twenty commandments as the front commandments and the other ten as the behind commandments.

The word Levite means the soul of Su-God or Sun god = Japanese people. Okada also makes the claim that the Japanese Imperial family are direct descendants of Su-mera-mikoto = Sun God or Su-God = the pantheistic, polytheistic and monotheistic pinnacle. Jehovah belongs to the same Sun God family and is called a Branch God - the main tree is Su-mera-mikoto. He is making the suggestion that the Jews may have the Royal House of David but the Japanese have the Imperial Family, a direct descendant line from Su - God. To sample Okada's logic, he says, it is natural that the Jews have the sunflower as their symbol, because they are the branch family of the origin, the Sun God...... Japan. The Imperial Crest and Japan's national flower is the chrysanthemum, the symbol of the sun. The sunflower which is called 'himawari' in Japanese, means revolving around or following the sun, so the Jews revolve around Japan. Israel is connected but subservient to Japan.

Okada and Mahikari have a preoccupation to base the meaning of words on their version of the Japanese language, which they claim is the root origin of all languages. They make use of the bible: "in the beginning was the word and the word was with God". Okada claimed the "beginning" took place in Japan so "the word" was Japanese. Mahikari also claims that Moses, Jesus and Buddha are from Japanese decent and all eventually returned to Japan and are buried there. The garden of Eden is also found in Japan and Adam and Eve were not the original human beings. 'Adam-eve' was the name of a powerful King.

HOLOCAUST JUSTIFIED: Okada also explained that Hitler belonged to the spiritual linage of 'HI'(tler) which means sun spirit. Okada called the swastika used by Hitler 'HI'. He taught 'HI' revolves in the direction of the positive spirit, which is a symbol of the Sun God's power; yang - positive opening up the spirit. Okada's explanation of Hitler's origin, justified the military aggression in Europe in WW2, had the blessing of the Creator God and was part of a global divine plan.....God was punishing the Jews and other victims of the war. They had no choice but to compensate for their own /ancestors' sins and impurities!. The swastika is a significant Mahikari symbol overshadowed by the Star of David. Sukyo Mahikari has reclaimed the Star of David as their own, claiming that God has returned it to the original supra religion and to the original name, which Okada called the Mark of Kagome.

To see thousands of Mahikari Youth dressed in military uniforms marching in formation praising the name of Ms.Okada, brings back vivid memories of the Hitler youth rallies for older Mahikari members who lived in Europe through WW2. The parallels are chilling. Mahikari Youth also wear a stylised swastika on their uniforms and street clothes to identify them.

JAPANESE MILITARY AGGRESSION JUSTIFIED: The popular attitude in post war Japan sanctioned by the Japanese government (not all individual Japanese) is to be reluctant in taking responsibility, or even acknowledging the Rape of Nanking and invasion of Asia/Pacific in WW2. The Japanese military action in the Pacific is called the 'Greater East Asian War', waged to prevent Japan from losing its national identity and to liberate Asia from the threat of communism.

The Japanese extreme right wing militarists claimed that the 'Greater East Asian War' was conducted as a Holy War in the 'divine' name of the Emperor of Japan. Mahikari also supports these views in their own literature and Lieutenant Colonel Okada's biography where he states that he was disappointed not to be with his troops at the front line (during the rape and pillage of China in 1937) because of an illness - he listened to the action on the phone instead. Okada also owned factories which produced war planes for the imperial war effort in WW2 until they were destroyed by the Allies. He was devoted to Japanese Imperialism which is reflected throughout his biography and teachings and is the disguised anchor for the Mahikari sect. Most Mahikari members have no idea that this anchor exists.

It is reported; Japanese history books have been rewritten and are used in schools to reflect the Imperialist point of view, a major supporter being Mr. Shintaro Ishihara the renowned Japanese nationalist, author and former Cabinet Minister (Transport) of the Diet. His views include that the Rape of Nanking is a figment of China's imagination and is a lie. Okada's links with Mr. Shintaro Ishihara are found in Mahikari literature and endorsed by Ishihara's son, Nobuaki.

Shintaro Ishihara is reputed to the main sponsor of the religious license for Aum, when their application was accepted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1989. This accounts for his abrupt resignation just days after the Tokyo subway gassing. (Tokyo government will not turn over copies of this document to the media -- completely illegal, stonewalling.) Former LDP Dietman "Hamako" Hamaguchi Koichi denounced Ishihara, Yamaguchi and Nakanishi as Aum sponsors on a daytime TV show in summer 1995.

AUM SUPREME SECT AND MAHIKARI: It will be interesting when the connections to a central body, like elements of the LDP Party of Japan, become more exposed. Then it is quite possible that if the Aum sect was the mechanism to cause a major world catastrophe then Mahikari sects would be the mechanism to create a new world order from the catastrophe, all in the name of the Japanese Emperor. Mahikari members call themselves the seed people who will survive and have the leadership roles. This is one of the inducements for members to try harder, donating more time effort and money to expand the sect.

Here is another win-win situation for the sect. If there is a world wide catastrophe in the year 2000 as they predict, then Mahikari is prepared. If not, Mahikari will take credit for saving humankind by pacifying God's anger, because of their efforts. They claim the only reason the world has not been destroyed to date is because Ms. Okada is pleading on humankind's behalf with the God for more time, although she warns that time is running out and Mahikari members should make more efforts.

Mahikari is inventing and generating the pre-millennium doomsday hysteria it feeds upon. Using it as a vehicle to expand in the lucrative spiritual market place with the ultimate product, the salvation of the soul and eternal life in a world of peace, love and harmony. It is well documented that the Aum sect went only one step further and actually seeded the predicted convulsion apparently prematurely, in the process revealing their power with tragic results.The sarin gas attack in Tokyo subways in 1995 which horrified the world was only the tip of the iceberg of their arsenal and agenda.

CREDIBILITY?: In official photographs, Yoshikazu Okada proudly wears an award conferred on him by the International American Institute of Academy. He even had a huge reproduction of it installed on the outside of his house in Atami in Japan. As reported by Mahikari, the award was conferred at the Tokyo Hilton Hotel on Feb 17, 1972. with the attendance of Mr. Takeo Fukuda, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs who initiated the event with many prominent people from Japan and Ambassadors from over ten countries. Yoshikazu Okada joined ranks with several American presidents, Popes and Cardinals and Archbishops of Canterbury.

The International American Institute of Academy gave Okada the title Knight Commander and the decoration of The Sovereign (Greek) Order of the Knights of Saint Dennis of Zante. Mahikari claims the order was established in 34 AD during the time of Jesus Christ and bestows its award on people who have done international meritorious service.

A worldwide search of data bases, libraries and feed back from chivalry experts has revealed the following:
This self styled Order was founded by a certain notorious 'Count' Pericles Voultsos in the 1940s or 50s and was distributed fairly widely by him. Since it was a complete invention and didn't mimic a genuine Order it was not challenged, although in 1953 the Italian government included it on a list of disreputable orders. It is a private enterprise organisation and not a true 'Order of Chivalry' The ploy of these self styled 'orders' to gain membership is to send their award to well known personalities and then use their names as 'members'. The personalities often do not acknowledge the 'award' and would never wear it ... we were advised ... Steer well clear! Stay away!

Zanthe or Zante is an island off the Greek coast. The identity of Saint Dennis seems to be confused as well, one legend states he was beheaded (AD 250), stood up, and went for a walk with his head in his hands. It also seems he has been confused with another character called Dionysius the Areopagite.

When an organisation called the International American Institute was contacted in Washington DC, USA, it claimed it had nothing to do with giving out awards for service to the world and thought the award mentioned above was probably bogus. No other listing for an International American Institute or Academy has been found world wide to date.

UNITING THE WORLD RELIGIONS: One of the basic tenets of Sukyo Mahikari is to UNITE all main religions, it is also one of the main convictions of Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan. The basis is the belief that all religions spring from the premise that Japan is the spiritual and physical origin of the human race and it is the Divine role of Mahikari to return all humanity back to the origin under the Japanese Imperial Family.

When in 1974 Yoshikazu Okada died as the founder and leader of SMBK, according to court transcripts, his successor was Reverend Sekiguchi. Ms. Okada confirmed this fact both on the night of Y. Okada's wake and several years later in court. It seemed at the time of Okada's death there were two distinct political camps within his organisation, one headed by Sekiguchi and the other by Ms. Okada. This is the first indication that SMBK was fragmenting and the basic tenet to unite all religions was being strained.

After Ms. Okada made the announcement on June 25, 1974 to Sekiguchi and 27 witnesses that he was the next spiritual leader of SMBK, she was told by one of her faction members that she must not say any more about the matter without his approval. On July 5, 1974, she secretly registered herself as the Representing Officer of SMBK with the Omori Registration Office, which later she had to withdraw. She was claiming to be the next leader of the organisation and saying that Sekiguchi and 27 people misunderstood her words. She claimed to have said on June 25th that he was her deputy, which was in complete contradiction to her claim on June 25th and precipitated years of confusion and court action. Members donations were being used for protracted court action without their knowledge. Why didn't Yoshikazu Okada leave a clear will or written instructions? If he forgot to do such a vital and important deed, what else did he forget ... where was his God?

At this point the whole credibility of Mahikari must come under close scrutiny. The public relations strategy for Ms.Okada went into high gear. Sekiguchi was slandered as having several lovers and a diseased body. On the other hand, Ms.Okada was portrayed as the only person who had the divine role to build Suza, the main world shrine for God, the ultimate mission for Mahikari members at that time. When it became apparent that Ms. Okada would lose the court case, she started her own religion called Sukyo Mahikari (SM) in June 1978. Most of the members of SMBK defected to SM because the dojo leaders declared their allegiance to Ms.Okada and moved over to her side taking members with them. At no stage were the ordinary members given a choice to stay with the original organisation. The struggle for control was not generally known to the members; the characteristic code of silence of a typical cult was paramount.

Once the shell of silence was recently cracked, the information started to flow from many different sources. The biggest blow to Sukyo Mahikari members, was, learning the fact Ms. Okada's Suza Shrine is tiny compared with the original sect SMBK's Suza shrine.

Only now is Sukyo Mahikari trying to explain the above events in terms only its members can and want to believe, in an effort to stop a world wide exodus out of the sect. For example:
Okada's ghost/spirit was roaming around for 49 days after he died. Ms.Okada didn't make public her claim, that Okada privately handed over the SMBK sect to her on 13th June 1974, ten days before his death. She felt it would have been too impolite to talk of succession before Okada progressed on to take up his 'role ' as the saviour of human kind in the spirit realm.
The sect leaders are also saying the information gathered together by research teams of former members from around the world are all lies.

It is becoming clearer, that in order for Mahikari to become the Supra Religion, rather than uniting the religions, it is disenfranchising the fundamental core of individual belief structure by Japan-ising the lot, using Okada's version of history, 'golden words' and 'divine' guidance! Attempting to supplant itself (Mahikari) as the only religion with the 'divine' franchise for humankind is most confusing even to its members. Especially when SM is the offshoot of SMBK; which in turn was one of many break away sects from SKK, which was inspired by Omoto kyo started in 1892......

OKADA PLAGIARISED OTHERS: Research has revealed that Yoshikazu Okada was a member and a leader of the Sekai Kyusei Kyo sect. He was known by the name Ryudo Okada and liked to be called Reverend Kotama. He was asked to leave the sect because of sexual misconduct and a preoccupation with talking to spirits, he claimed that everyone has spirits attached to them, which cause problems. In 1959 he started his own sect called SMBK.

Okada claimed in Feb 1959 God woke him from a coma, gave him the name Kotama and divine revelations. He had used the name Kotama before Feb 1959 and the 'revelations' are in fact a facsimile of the teachings of his former master Mokichi Okada (no relation). The use of a divine pendant and the radiating of light from the hands is also a feature of SKK.

Mahikari makes the claim Okada had no previous experience with religions prior to him starting SMBK. The fact that he was a member of SKK for ten years or so, doesn't fit with the Mahikari claim that Okada is the 'one' from the Buddhist prophecy:
'There will appear the 'one' who will preach the righteous way, from among those who have had no previous religious experience.

Okada gathered information from considerable and diverse sources to boost his claim that he was ordered by God to correct the delusions of this present age. He even invented new meanings or explanation for well known Japanese legends and myths and twisted facts to fit his purpose. One of the major difference's between his former sect SKK and his own sect Mahikari, is Okada's preoccupation with a military stereotype.

ENGLISH/JAPANESE TRANSLATION: It's interesting looking into the original Japanese teachings. Okada didn't put relating information together, but rather spread it out in an uncoordinated way throughout all his writings in bits and pieces. In this way the underlying philosophy is hidden. An objective researcher would need to complete the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of initiation to gain an elementary insight into the layers and intent of Okada's philosophy. Even if members try to look deeper into Okada's teachings, they tend to give up because it is difficult and time consuming, being able to read and write in Japanese is essential. Members are told there is no need to understand Japanese anyway; the teachings of Okada ride on the 'golden light of God', the books radiate 'light' and give great salvation.

As a result, most Mahikari members, particularly non-Japanese, have no idea what is contained within Okada's words. Ordinary members defend the sect based on a very shallow and personalised understanding given to them by sect leaders. In a sense Mahikari members are discouraged from read Okada's teaching from an analytical point of view. To save any confusion they are advised to raise to their hands and just give 'light, light and more light'. Emotive responses are encouraged under the umbrella of 'feel good' words like love and harmony, altruistic love etc.

The wording of his teaching in Japanese and English is quite clever; romantic wholesome concepts sandwich his rather distorted view of proven historical events and his eagerness to change generally held perceptions to his particular ideology. Much of Mahikari's source material the authors have used has not been translated into English yet. It is clear the English (and Japanese for Japanese) translations are changed to suit contemporary pressures eg. Sukyo Mahikari, which was created after a bitter court battle in 1978, has erased all reference to Okada's original religion's name, Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan from all sighted publications and has even inserted its name (Sukyo Mahikari) as the name used by Yoshikazu Okada. The fact Okada died four years before Sukyo Mahikari was started doesn't seem to pose a credibility problem for them. It is also interesting because Okada gave explicit instructions that his words would never be changed.

MAHIKARI REWRITING HISTORY: It is clear studying Yoshikazu Okada's teachings that he has woven facts and fiction, myths and legends, rewritten the world's history into a strange and suspect agenda, giving a stern warning that 'he is the only authority in this present age as the direct link to the Supreme God'. He had many views on history, science, religion and philosophy. He declared this is the "AGE OF DELUSIONS, TO AN EXTENT THAT HAS NEVER OCCURRED BEFORE". His 'divine' role is to correct these delusions (he now works in the spirit realm). Ms. Okada is continuing to reinforce this 'divine role'. The base starting point, is to make the world realise that Japan is the cradle of human civilisation on all levels, spirit, mind and body. Ms. Okada has even rewritten the history of her own religion to project the image of continuity from her 'adoptive' father.

YOSHIKAZU OKADA BECOMES A GOD: Ms. Okada also known as Oshienushi-sama (master of teachings) the spiritual head of Sukyo Mahikari, endorses Okada's teachings as divine law emphasizing that members are personally responsible for their own Karma, any kind of mishap is caused by the individual members state of mind and lack of commitment to the teachings.

Over the years, as Ms. Okada builds monuments at huge expense, she is also elevating herself into a divine status..... To one who has direct communication with the Supreme God eg "God commanded me to do......." . In most references to God she also uses Okada's title," God and Sukuinushi-sama" (holy saviour) re-enforcing the belief for her followers, that Yoshikazu Okada is now a 'God' and has the responsibility as the only saviour of the human kind. It is interesting that many 'sightings, 'manifestations' of Yoshikazu Okada have been enthusiastically reported and accepted as facts particularly after she built a Shrine for him in Japan (43 mtr high pyramid) in 1992.

Ms.OKADA BECOMING A GOD: The cult is in full swing, still creating myths, publishing more and more personal experiences of members in order to substantiate its credence and credibility, not only for internal propaganda but also to enthuse outsiders to join. It is also interesting to note that when Ms. Okada travelled to Israel in 1993, she claims to have prevented 'Armageddon' from happening. As a direct result of her presence in the Middle East, all of a sudden a first step was achieved towards a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians. She covers herself nicely by claiming she took the first step, but if people do not take it seriously then it is they who will miss out on the opportunity for peace. Here is another win-win situation for the sect.

MAHIKARI IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD: Mahikari has been building the infrastructure to endure into future generations quietly and slowly. It is a real boost for the sect to be granted subsidised land by the Australian Capital Territory government to help in its expansion plans. Sect members are already boasting that the land belongs to Ms. Okada (resident of Japan), not to the Australian community.

A major thrust of Mahikari's membership drive, is to recruit people of influence who in turn influence the community. Politicians, doctors, rich business people, public servants are ideal targets. If these new members have right wing political views all the better. Mahikari holds strict right wing conservative views handed down from Lieutenant Colonel Yoshikazu Okada and Imperial State Shintoism.

It is interesting that the ACT government is encouraging the sect when the Belgian government has found the sect dangerous. Will it take Mahikari related suicides in Australia for the ACT government to take notice of what is happening in Europe? Will it take more people dying to stir litigation fearful governments into action for the wider health and safety of Australians?

BELGIUM LEADS THE WAY: Recently reported to the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on Sects, officials of Sukyo Mahikari made the simple claim their sect was called Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan but changed its name to Sukyo Mahikari in 1978. The Commission has listed Sukyo Mahikari is one of the most important and dangerous sects in Belgium, in the same category as Sahaya Yoga, Moonies, Soka Gakkai and Scientology. Now that the dangerous sects have been identified, the Belgian Government will debate the existing laws in parliament and put procedures in place to rehabilitate former sect members and inform the public of the dangers. The Hon. Franca Arena, AM, Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales in Australia has seen the need for the Australian people to be informed and protected from cults and is working towards having a similar Parliamentary Commission.

Update: 14 July 2006 In various publications, Sukyo Mahikari is stating that they have been investigated and nothing was found. However the French Goverment still lists Sukyo Mahikari as a Sect to watch and has not removed them from its list of cults/sects. Until the Governments who have investigated Sukyo Mahikari revise their watch lists and publically declare they no longer have Sukyo Mahikari under surveillance then the question remains open. If Sukyo Maikari can supply hard evidence of their claims, it wil be looked at objectively.

MAHIKARI AS A COMMUNITY WELFARE ORGANISATION: One of the subtle contradictions used by the sect is capitalising on the word and popular concept of 'charity' to gain tax free status in several countries. It is quite clear in Okada's teaching, that he considered charities to be perpetuating the misery of humankind. If a person fell on hardship and was given a helping hand (charity), then this help would be interfering with their karmic cleaning and stopping purification; actually doing them a disservice. Even worse, the person giving the charity could be building up 'bad karma' for themselves. So all the humanitarian organisations round the world today helping those more unfortunate than ourselves are in fact spiritually polluting humankind according to Okada. Not one cent of Sukyo Mahikari's tax exempt funds is channelled into the community, but there is enough funds to pay some of its directors a very good wage.

On the other hand if people donate money, time and energy to Okada's sect, Mahikari, this is the true meaning of charity. As his 'only true supra religion' expands, more people could receive 'light' and be spiritually saved!.... This is far better than feeding starving innocent children in war-torn countries or helping unfortunates in our own back yards. This practical form of help is condemned in his teachings.

Mahikari members don't escape the strictness of Okada's teaching in this area. If a member falls on hard times, it is their own fault and it is an indication that their spiritual level is low, they are not obedient to the teachings or they are being blessed by God to erase sins and impurities. The sect will not lift a practical finger to ease suffering but will happily advise; raise the hands and 'give more light' to solve spirit disturbance (exorcism) and come to Dojo more often. In Mahikari terms to give 'light' is the highest form of altruistic love!

For members to expect Mahikari headquarters in Japan to financially support their own regional Mahikari centres is considered stealing money from Ms. Okada and God. Regional members must pay their own way. Members, including children, are encouraged to be thrifty for themselves but generous to the Mahikari God. For Mahikari to even contemplate financially supporting activities outside the sect is totally inconceivable.

MAHIKARI LEADERS WELL LOOKED AFTER: The only charity found in a quasi-humanitarian sense is reserved for leaders of SM - particularly the directors of Sukyo Mahikari Australia Ltd. Free accommodation, baby sitting, meals, free international and national travel, gifts etc (one wonders who pays local Perks Tax). The members are given the impression Kanbu (leaders) are lowly paid and because they've devoted their lives to God, it's the right thing to help them. The generosity of members to the leaders is extraordinary, and in some cases arrogantly expected.

Okada teaches, 'Purify up stream and down stream will become purified'. In Australia this is interpreted: Ordinary members will become more spiritually pure if they help and support Kanbu. If members serve Kanbu, it frees Kanbu to do more divine service for God, so Kanbu become more pure. If Kanbu become more pure, because they are the up stream that benefit will flow down to ordinary members. So everybody elevates. To be servants to senior Kanbu is called divine service to God and a prerequisite of being eligible to being 'permitted' to undertake training to become a Mahikari teacher or full time employee. Many members are either naive or naturally generous people and they comply without question.

MAHIKARI AND TAX EXEMPTION: One of the biggest deceptions SM enjoys is exemption from tax. SM is not adverse to taking advantage of society's humanitarian meaning of charity, even though this form of charity is totally condemned by the founder in his teachings. The sect accepts no contradiction in this case, all money belongs to God. Because Mahikari is God's only true religion, then any arrangement to financially advantage the sect is perfectly acceptable. Mahikari calls it a 'divine arrangement'.

This translation is from Japanese to English of Yoshikazu Okada's words
by Yumi & Steve Allerton. (5 May 1997 - Dated for historical records)

Sunkyo 3 p82-83

To build hospitals in order to save sick people, to collect money to do so ... just increases the number of patients who are poisoned by medicines. They are far from charities. I would call them hypocritical charities, which accumulate sins and impurities. 'Charitable work' is the deed to rid mankind of disease and poverty, and actualise truly peaceful and safe civilisation on this earth.

In order to spread heavenly civilisation, it is also a 'charitable' work to correct clearly the mistakes which are considered as common sense at the present time. To offer more and more money for that work ... this is also charitable work. The flood of hypocritical charities is too much now and the world is deteriorating more and more.

For these reasons I wish, all the more, for those who work hard in hypocritical charities, to be awakened to the real charities and to introduce people who are suffering in poverty and sickness without tranquillity of mind to real salvation.

Suppose one person has donated one hundred million yen (to Mahikari).
Imagine how much this will cause the circle of salvation to expand.
That can be a great salvation, can't it? I call this 'charitable work'.

TAX EXEMPT MAHIKARI SCHOOL: One of the ambitions of Mahikari is to start schools based on Okada's teachings! He never gave up imperialism, militarism and state Shintoism. A Mahikari headmaster in Japan has recently turned the clock back one hundred years and directed his school to recite passages from The Imperial Rescript of 1890 every morning. The Imperial Rescript was invalidated by both houses in the Diet in 1947 and 1948. It was used to generate the national 'virtues' such as self sacrifice to the state, military discipline, ancestor worship, to guard and maintain the prosperity of The Imperial Throne and to resurrect military heroes as cardinal models to follow. Didn't this type of enthusiasm lead to a bit of a blue in 1941? Japanese conservative Government Bodies are encouraged with the public re-emergence of this Imperialistic propaganda.

The headmaster is an eminent Japanese Mahikari member proudly written up in their publications. Mahikari in Australia is subservient to Mahikari in Japan. All policy comes from Japan. It will not be an Australian school they build but Japanese Mahikari imperialist institution. Young people from Mahikari centers from all over the world go to Japan and train rigorously in a special Mahikari school, to become Mahikari teachers. Even the non-Japanese Mahikari students are taught and required to chant the Imperial Transcript in Japanese.

What distorted view of history, science, religion etc. will they teach in Mahikari schools if they gain a stronger hold in the community, starting with the boost of a subsidised grant of land already given to them in Canberra? They are cashed up and moving in. Is it in Australia's national interest to have its children exposed to the notion that Australia belongs to Japan. Japan is the land of the origin of spirit, the cradle of humankind. Australia was named after a Japanese God Prince. Japan is the oldest land mass on earth, the last remaining part of the continent of Mu and its original name was Amaguni which means heaven.

Okada claimed that history is based on delusions and full of lies particularly about mankind and Japan, the Emperor of Japan should be the ruler of the world, democracy is inferior (banned within SM) and theocracy - Mahikari version - is the future for humankind. Mahikari seduces its members to total obedience to Yoshikazu Okada's teachings, Ms.Okada's will and her appointed representatives. To question her authority is not permitted and treated as 'spirit disturbance'. Democracy is totally condemned within the sect and even the wider community, Okada is very clear about this in his teachings. What impact will a Mahikari School have on Australian children?

OBFUSCATION: Mahikari has a chameleon nature and the multi-faceted layers within its structure hide much more than can ever be seen. If a member encounters problems understanding the contradictions in the teachings, 'they lack spiritual growth' or 'have cultural misunderstanding'. Alternatively if criticism is levelled at the sect, then it is the unrighteous deities manipulating evil spirits to try and destroy God's only true religion. If former members question their involvement then they are spiritually disturbed, possessed by evil spirits and have turned their backs on the righteous path or they could not keep up with the increasing spiritual pressure of the 'light of God' and 'God's administration' . The media including the internet are manipulated by the evil forces. It is best for members to stay away from them so they don't become manipulated or contaminated themselves.

One of the interesting differences between the two sects is the fact, the original Mahikari SMBK is quite open and public and uses the internet to advertise. Sukyo Mahikari is the opposite and is pulling the plug.

If someone dies within the sect, the person has been called by Su-God to work with Yoshikazu Okada (now himself a God) in the spirit realm for the salvation of human kind or the person has compensated in a major way for his own and family sins and impurities with the ultimate sacrifice (their life) and hence become cleaner and closer to God. The fear of their souls being extinguished is real for members, if they don't become purified by practicing Mahikari, then they could be thrown away by God, never to reincarnate again. This rule is extended to everyone.

If members have a financial loss its called, compensation, purification or cleaning. Mahikari teaches that because the situation has occurred then it reflects what has taken place in previous lifetimes. God is giving the opportunity to correct the situation of previous sins and impurities to break a negative karmic cycle. For every occasion there is a pat answer based on the teachings of Yoshikazu Okada. A rational mind can be swamped and lulled into a unique sense of security or become plain numb to the realities of living. Sect leaders can come up with a myriad of explanations of why things happen. Because Okada has declared himself the saviour of humankind and Mahikari is the only true religion, then the sect leaders have the mandate to come up with any explanation as long as it is based in the teachings. They ultimately protect themselves and the sect.

IN CONCLUSION: If a person is contemplating joining a Mahikari sect, which is their democratic right, the strongest wish we have for them is to become very well informed. Also for them to try and maintain an objective mind, so the pain can be reduced when the need comes to leave.

When a person makes the courageous step to leave the sect, it can be hard dealing with the withdrawal symptoms on all levels. Flashbacks can destabilise a rebuilt life, marriage and family relationships. Even after many years away from the sect. Mahikari is subtly addictive and preys upon the good nature and generosity of people who want to do something positive for themselves, humankind and the planet.

We are delighted to be among fellow former members from all over the world discovering life is great away from Mahikari; it feels like a shroud of delusion and darkness has fallen away. We have no doubt, the right choice was to leave the sect. Many are taking up the challenge to expose the sect as a therapy to regain their health, wealth, and spiritual sanity and they are succeeding. We hope our experience and knowledge gained through our long involvement will help put the sect in a clearer perceptive for others. It is a great relief to finally see the worries and deep seated concerns we have had for years becoming the focus for so many.

As we became more involved with our research it became painfully clear to us that much of Yoshikazu Okada's agenda was hidden. We and most members had/have no idea what really lies below the surface.

This profile we have compiled of our perception of Mahikari culture is only a small insight into the depth of Mahikari's commitment to Japan-ise the world on every level. It is our speculation Ms.Okada over the years has become caught up in the carefully orchestrated elevation of her role into a divine being and reflects the arrogance of the Mahikari cult which believes they and she hold the only key to the future survival of the human race in the palm of their hands.

We hope in time with more information becoming available, active Mahikari members will take stock and reassess their involvement on all levels. Step back and take a good look before the loving, generous and caring sides of their natures are sucked dry or critically strained. Take back control for their own spiritual, mental and physical selves and spare their children the trauma of growing up without the life skills to live in and contribute to the wider community.

Sukyo Mahikari in Australia is on record as saying we former members have axes to grind. We do!
We will keep grinding away to reveal the TRUTH!


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** Acknowledgment- For the inspiration to look beneath the surface. ........A failed Company Director/ Mahikari leader who had the courage to shake hands on a deal, his God his witness.......... and break it!.

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