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This document presents legal proof of the validity of the one and only organization inheriting the spiritual line of Koutama Okada, founder of the World Divine Light Organization (Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan). This is the only organization officially and legally sanctioned to use the Mahikari name and the symbol known as Goshinmon appearing below. -- From documents on record in Tokyo District Court.


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The following text was carried in "Mahikari Oita," which is published by the Oita Dojo. This is the text of an address delivered by Dojo Director Yoshiharu Wada to the assembled group of kumite at the monthly ceremony.

Mr. Wada formerly served as a dojo director of Sukyo Mahikari, but recently returned (with his kumite) to the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan. He had no knowledge of the facts behind what occurred during the split up of the order, but had continued to harbor doubts. He recently received Su God's arrangement and attained instant enlightenment of the truth. We present the unfeigned emotion of Dojo Director Wada for reading by all kumite with the heart of Sukyo.

(Address by Oita Dojo Director Wada)

Good afternoon everyone!

It is my pleasure to be able to join with you today in the solemn yet gala gathering of our monthly ceremony for August. This month again, I am counting on your invaluable support and understanding.

As noted in this month's issue of "Mahikari Oita," a copy of which you should have at your seat, when having been tripped up, the best approach is to not put up an unwarranted fight, but rather passively go with the flow. Like a piece of straw which is caught on a stake in the midst of a river, it is best to act naturally. Undue struggle will result in even greater entanglement, making it impossible to break free. Su God told us that: "Everything comes to them that wait."

Today, favored by Su God's arrangement, new and real progress has suddenly been opened up to us. As of this August 1, we have embarked on a new journey as the Oita Dojo of the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan. This is due to the acts and the proper teachings of Mahikari, while the solidarity between each and every one of us has enabled us to embrace this great joy as one. Here, I wish to express my most heartfelt gratitude for this.

At the same time, the long and winding road which we have traveled over the eight years since the Ascension of the First Oshienushi has been the result of the unworthiness on my part, and I wish to take this occasion to once again apologize to you all, from the bottom of my heart.

As the result of arbitrary judgment and prejudice, I held the true Second Oshienushi in contempt, and embraced rude thoughts. For this, I must offer my deepest apologies to Su God, the Savior, and Oshienushi Sekiguchi.

"Sekiguchi attempted to take over the position of Second Oshienushi. He is a third national. He has three mistresses. He lost his sight due to divine punishment. His body is also half paralyzed."

"He is a false god, a false spirit, the instrument of the god of plague."

It was the "Sukyo Mahikari" which made such statements, and created an atmosphere which deceived the kumite.

Sukyo is the respectful spiritual teaching from Su God -- in short, the religion of mankind.

The First Oshienushi advocated that mankind is a single family, that human beings are all of the same origin. If we can maintain altruistic hearts, all disputes will vanish from the face of the earth. This thinking is also expressed in the divine sayings, on page 115: "All people are brothers and sisters. Loving and respecting others as yourself, you will also be loved. This is the great secret for human love." This is Sukyo. This is the essence of the Sumei Godo.

The people of Sukyo Mahikari regard the Sekiguchi faction as their "enemy." Viewing things in terms of this or that "faction" is the basic concept of opposition and dispute. The guiding principle of regarding others with hostility. In other words, this is human intellect. Acting covertly, the thinking that "all other than Sukyo Mahikari are enemies, or false spirits" was spread throughout all the kumite. These kumite lost sight of the fact that they themselves were a group of people acting as spiritual impediments. This is certainly the reason for their descent to the status of a "forsaken order," infinitely removed from the tenets of the religion of mankind. Saving the human race and other such ideas are no more than the dreams of dreams. Without devoting one's heart to the reform of self and of the spirit, the time will come when we will find ourselves forsaken by God.

The people of "Sukyo Mahikari" know nothing about the current status of the "Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan." They also know nothing about Second Oshienushi Sekiguchi. To phrase it differently, they have not been informed of these areas, and even if informed they have been given only the type of adverse impressions previously described. From who did they learn the pathetic habit of criticizing others without comprehending the facts? This is certainly not something which people of a legitimate religious order should be involved in.

On August 3, I traveled to Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan in Denenchofu, where the First Oshienushi formerly presided, with four of our officers. Then on August 8 I attended the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the order's foundation, along with five other officers. I had the opportunity to meet with the Second Oshienushi, and was deeply moved by his great magnanimity (although he is small of body) and the greatness of his thinking.

He never attacks or censures another person. On the contrary, he said to us in a quiet tone: "Welcome back. You (having your dojo taken over) received the same treatment as me (who had my position taken away). I had wanted to sit down and leisurely discuss things with you. You were still well off because your kumite came along. In my case, I was left all alone."

The Second Oshienushi was formerly president of the Mitsuya Group of 20 companies. At the time, he was director of the order's Sukyo Bureau, and served as the chairman of the headquarters construction committee. In addition, he built up the Ueno Dojo from its very beginnings. The land on which the Denenchofu Headquarters stand was originally purchased with the intention of building his own home. Instead, he donated this land to the order.

In his words: "I thought of giving up on everything. However, once receiving the divine command, you simply cannot give up. I decided to push on, even if I had to pursue my goals all alone. On various occasions I requested meetings with Kouko (the real name of "Keiju" Okada), but I was turned down each time. I had no choice but to exercise legal means to get her attention."

"These eight years have been a training period as Oshienushi, a time of trial received from Su God. I truly feel sorry for Kouko. She is a person who served as my polishing powder. I am so grateful to her."

"Mr. Wada, please feel that you have gained a colleague in Tokyo. Let us take hands and strive on together. Not for your sake, and not for the sake of the Oshienushi. Rather, let us persevere for the sake of all of mankind."

The Second Oshieni spoke such words, too precious to waste on me, and then shook my hand with strength.

Visiting the altar at the headquarters for the first time in eight years, I was filled with the vibrations from Su God, as if being cleansed from head to foot. The headache I had been suffering from that day, as well as a ringing in my ears which had continued for several months, vanished from that moment. I was filled with the overwhelming presence of Su God -- a feeling I had not experienced for a long time.

The celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the foundation of Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan was held on August 8 at the Tokyo Harumi Trade Center. The scene there was certainly anything but that of "a religious order under an empty sky." The hall overflowed with kumite, as the wonderful, shining, unaffected and serene festival unfolded.

In the midst of this incredibly superb mood, I received a generous and long-awaited taste of the sense of the crowning unity between God and Man.

The major thrust of divine teachings presented here was the love of mankind as expounded by Su God, namely: "Today, the world is filled with selfish people concerned only with their own interests. Mankind has forgotten the reason for having been given life. All people must now share their love, and work to help each other."

An announcement was also made that: "Kouko clearly recognized before the justice that her father (the First Oshienushi) had stated:
"Request Mr. Sekiguchi to take over as Second Oshienushi."

Then there are announcements concerning the Main Headquarters and Miroku Shrine.

Miroku Shrine is currently under construction on a holy site just under two million square meters in area on an elevated area in the Amagi region of Shizuoka Prefecture. In April of next year the 24th anniversary festival will be held at that site.

Why does Sukyo Mahikari say it costs 30 billion yen for a mere 20,000 square meters? Even if each 3.3 square meter cost one million yen, the price would still be only six billion yen. It is also incomprehensible how 9,000 people could be transported from Nagoya on the single-track Takayama Line.

The Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan will build the Miroku Shrine and World Headquarters in the midst of the two million square meter site, and welcome Su God. Furthermore, the plan by Yokoshi is to gather everyone together, and create a sturdy structure in which everyone can live on their own. This two million square meter area is roughly the same size as the former Oita City.

The announcement was also made that a cypress mount in Kiso, actually worth 40 billion yen, was obtained for a cheap price and registered on August. 4.

Isn't this a religious order truly organized for Su God? The Amagi Miroku no Sato is truly Noah's Ark, which the civilization of heaven is seeking to build. We were exhorted to: "Do what you can, and respond with the greatest degree of cooperation possible."

In retrospect, Su God does not invoke religious orders such as "Sukyo Mahikari." Working through the Savior, the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan has been invoked. Accordingly, the Sukyo Mahikari order is nothing more than one of the religious orders within the Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan. Because it is one part, there has been some deliverance for it up to now through the spiritual line. This was permitted for the very fact that it was Yonimasu Ohamutsukami. However, this was not true deliverance. This was a religious order which, although being established, did not really exist. As expressed in the recent court settlement, from here on the orders have become mutually independent and separate religious orders. As such, Sukyo Mahikari has ceased to exist as a part of Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan, which means that it is a separate, derivative order for which the spiritual power from Su God will fail to function. In short, it has become a "non-existent religion," reduced to a skeletal configuration, akin to conventional religions for which there is no deliverance.

In Article 6 of the rules of Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan, an order invoked by Su God, it is stipulated that: "The Second Oshienushi shall be named by the First Oshienushi."

However, according to a certain officer of Sukyo (who refers to himself as the Oita Chudojo Leader): "The rules amount to nothing more than bylaws." It should be remembered, however, that these rules were drafted by the First Oshienushi, and strictly point out that: "The Second Oshienushi shall be determined by divine command." Because if this step is not taken there is no telling what type of imprudent person may appear on the scene, the First Oshienushi stipulated this in a fashion which would carry legal binding force as well. Therefore, to hold these rules in contempt is to deny the Savior, and in doing so deny Su God, and thereby profane Su God.

The First Oshienushi named Reverend Sekiguchi as the Second Oshienushi. Keiju Okada came to recognize that in the courtroom. It was for this reason that the settlement was reached. From the day that this designation occurs the spiritual power from Su God as the Second Oshienushi is created. At this point in time, there is no sense in Keiju being unwilling to accept this, and claiming that she is the spiritual Oshienushi.

The officer I just mentioned states that: "It is not correct to have the Second Oshienushi of the order determined by the court." But, nobody has been determined by the court. Keiju herself recognized this fact. That is why this is called a "settlement."

What are determined by court justices are "verdicts." If this had been allowed to proceed to the verdict stage, Keiju and her other two officers would now be incarcerated for misappropriation and embezzlement. Because taking the case to a verdict would result in a "judgment," Reverend Sekiguchi approved the settlement, and quashed the indictment of the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office. I believe you understand this now.

In addition, while the court describes this as the "petty affairs of the everyday world," while these people claim to be officers, do they not know the teaching that all things in the universe are transformed into matter from spiritual form. Things occurring in the divine realm are transformed into the affairs of our current world. The transient (present) world. Su God has used the court to expose the eight year lie. Besides this, other testimony to the lie also appears in issue No. 192 of the Mahikari Magazine. Please take a close look at the photograph in which Keiju and Mr. Lamb appear. The handshake is falsified through outrageous fabrication.

If this barbarous world were without laws and police, no one would be able to live in peace. Su God has arranged it so that, because we live in a law-governed state, that order is protected and injustice is not permitted.

We escaped from Sukyo Mahikari, and because of that we learned the truth early on. If we had remained within the "profane order," while always thinking something was strange we most likely would have not understand the truth to the end. This is because the approach adopted by Sukyo Mahikari is to blindfold and silence its people, then fill them with lies and make them attack others. Remaining within walls, you will know nothing of the outside world. You will remain blind. If you do not come out to where things are visible, you will never see. It is so important to make the effort to discern the truth.

It is written in the scriptures that: "All of heaven and earth are the voice of God, filling the world with the holy canon." The voice of the court justice was also the voice of God (Mr. Okawa of Sukyo Mahikari also says this). Ours is truly the escape to glory. We have clearly savored the greatness and the thankfulness of the workings of Su God. It is just like the hymn:

"Oh how thankful are we, with no evil anywhere."

Let us pray that the people of Sukyo Mahikari also carry out their atonement at the earliest point in time, and return to the shortcut home. They must get off the long and twisted road home. The Savior states: "Remove the waste from humanity." It is frightening that they have tampered with the teachings of the First Oshienushi after only 23 years, and installed a "new orthodoxy." The teachings of the First Oshienushi are the "old orthodoxy." Isn't this truly a third national plot to tamper with the orthodoxy?

It was here that the legitimate Second Oshienushi personally moved to correct the situation with the Omitama and by putting himself on the Goshintai. I understand that you are steadily changing over now. In doing so, each one of you is grasping the magnitude of the miracle, the greatness of the deliverance, and the strength of the cleansing power. I see that at the transformation briefing sessions, large numbers of people received gold dust. That large numbers of those who came became rich and content in spirit. Truly, the world of kamimuki must be one of rapture (with the vibration which comes from Su God). This is the truth.

On Sunday September 12, the Second Oshienushi will bless this dojo with his presence. Like the First Oshienushi, he will staunchly interact with the kumite. Let us invite those who could not be here today, and welcome him with pure and open hearts. On this occasion, we will hold both the monthly ceremony, and the ceremony for holding Goshintai.

From here on, the Mahikaritai will undergo drills as the Mahikari Youth Drum and Flute Corps. Work to achieve superb performance technique, so that we may warmly welcome the Oshienushi.

Finally, first-level training sessions will be held on September 17, 18 and 19. Let us strive to deepen our experience in making full use of the new Omitama, and move forward with conviction in commencing true research into mankind.

In closing, let us strive to respond to the great love of Su God. Thank you so much.

- END -

The Truth has Been Revealed
Published October 15, 1982 /First Internet Edition: November, 1996
Edited and Published by: Sekai Mahikari Bunmei Kyodan
Address: 2-25-10 Denenchofu Ota-ku, Tokyo Tel. (03) 721-8971 (switchboard)

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