Mahikari Exposed

Personal Experiences

These experience stories have all been written by ex-members of Sukyo Mahikari.

There are also links to sites run by ex-members, with their interpretations of Mahikari culture and teachings.


In the past few years, people with long term exposure to Mahikari have started to talk about their experiences, thoughts and feelings on blogs. Please feel free to join the discussions, you can use a nom de plume to remain anonymous.

This is a great way of dealing with the unresolved issues after making the courageous move to leave Mahikari and rebuild your life. If you have made a successful transition out of the sect, this is an ideal way of extending a helping hand and sharing your experience.

Most of these blogs are no longer active, but you may still find them useful to read. The Seeing Red blog is active, as of Dec 2021.

Last Modified: December 2021